Choreographers and movement educators Mina Estrada and CoCo Loupe create and curate weekly audio scripts of curious and kind movement instructions that allow the listener to move, imagine, play, meditate, dance, create and discover the joys and mysteries of inhabiting benevolent worlds that you build right there in the moment.

Call it guided meditation or facilitated improvisation or structured playtime… it is all of this. Created by dancing humans (us!) but made for everyone, Benevolent Instruction is meant to create space and opportunity for all of us to be active, creative and vitally productive.

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Special thanks to our dearest colleagues, Nicole Garlando and Noelle Chun for continuing to be a part of this practice, its development and its facilitation.

They work with us on a weekly basis and are Benevolent Instruction writers, practitioners and community moderators. We look forward to having them on future episodes as we dig deeper into this work!