Just logged into my website to write a homepage blurb and this came out. Not homepage material but I think it’s the beginning of a juicy little story.

My first memory is of my body dancing. I remember it feeling like I already knew what I was doing. But I wanted my mother so the memory is of me crying while dancing because I wanted to leave class and go home. I don’t remember what steps we were doing or what I was wearing but I have the sensation of being in my body, doing dancing and yearning to be somewhere else, a place of comfort, a place of nurturing, a space that was what I knew was a home.

I continue to move, dance, explore space and time and I prefer to research this body/brain that is an expression of my inner platforms with others. Mostly, I dance alone but I am passionate about sharing this rich landscape of movement and body fluency with people who seek to understand a home in themselves.

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