Stand with feet together.

Heels touching.

Big toe knuckles touching.

Pick up all ten toes and then put them down, sensing a small space in between each toe.

Shift forward slightly onto the balls of the feet so that the heels become lighter.

Shift the weight back to the heels.

Equalize your weight across the entire bottom surface of each foot.

Feel how your two feet manage the weight of your entire body flowing down through them.

Keeping the knees straight but not stiff, gently pull the belly button up and back toward the spine.

Feel the tail get heavy, reaching toward the space between the arches of your feet.

Let the spine float up and away from that space between the arches of your feet.

Pick up the shoulders and the shoulder blades and then let them sink down so they feel like they’re hanging loosely but composed around the armpits.

Let the back of the skull rise until the back of the neck feels longer and the chin dips comfortably.

Feel a floating energy rising up out of the top of your head.

Inhale and as you exhale, bend the knees.

Tail reaching down, head reaching up, knees tracking over the shin bones and the two middle toes.

Unbend the knees and feel the back of the knees flatten out.

Bend the knees, keeping the heels on the floor and the toes spread easily out and toward the front space of your body.

Straighten the legs by letting the crown of the head float up.

You are now making a plie happen with the feet in a narrow parallel position.

Now keeping the feet in parallel, open your stance so that the feet are separated and located directly under your hip joints.

Repeat the plie action with the knees tracking over the center line of each foot.

Check in on your tail drop and your head float.

Relax the hands.

Relax the face.

Sense deep stability in all of the body’s joints.

Take time for this sensation map to be completed.

Sense release in the flesh around those joints.

Take time for this secondary map to come into focus.

Repeat from the beginning of this script at various speeds.

Start slowly and build up to a bouncing action.

Then choose a tempo you like and a rhythm that feels good to you.

Maybe the bending is slower than the straightening or vice versa.

Maybe they’re evenly measured.

Maybe there is a complete stop or pause between the two actions.

Maybe there is a feeling of suspension one or both sections of the cycle.

Choose something and then change your choice.

Find out where your depth and where the height of your rise it.

Enjoy the plie ride.