Here we go again! The motivation to keep this project going is strong. I’m completely in love with it and how it’s keeping me immersed in a way of being with dance in a new and playful way. Also, I can’t describe the gratitude I have for Mina’s collaborative adventurousness.

I sent another text dance to her a few days ago and received the physical translation via video today. Prior to sending the video, Mina texted me to say “It’s six f’ing minutes long!”. All the better, Mina! Thank you for every minute of this.

Enjoy the watching!

CKA: currently known as
Mina Estrada and CoCo Loupe

CoCo 2 Mina (round 3)

get going. get going again. wring out thighs. tail descends and right fingers crawl across space. come up higher. swoop left and right and forward and back. throw feet in several directions. knees kiss. head tilts back. create space circles with elbows. retrace those circles with triplets. stop. breathe. slowly rip through floor surface. be flatter than a pancake. place back and then belly to sky. spirals lift you to your feet. tiny leaps anywhere. pump pelvis side to side. animal stance. spine becomes an oak tree. look to corner. replant there. get going. get going again. decide when to stop.

decide when to begin again. slide feet in 90 degree angles while hands flatten and palms flip up and down. paint your portrait to the left of you. put your self into the portrait. knee lift and lower. face another way. turn body 4 full times. jump into an end.