CKA: voice recognition continues……

Mina returned the favor and sent a dance via text instruction to me (Baton Rouge to Orlando). I worked on the translation and as Mina and Rikki reported from the first round (that they felt like they were visiting with me), it felt like Mina was with me in some mystical, energetic, telekinetic way. Because I can hear her vocal inflections when I read her words and because I can see the way she would do these movements, I could sense her in the space with me as I was interpreting.

This project is suddenly so dear to me because I get be with my friend and my trusted collaborator even though we live 12 hours away from each other.

I practiced again today without referring to the text and all of it was still there, even her words and her voice in my head and her specificity in my body. Even though I don’t wish to stylistically mimic her, I feel her choreographic mind at work in my actions.

I can’t wait to send her another text dance and keep this magic flowing.

This series will go on and on until we understand how (our) voices turn into dances and vice versa.

I hope you enjoy watching.

CKA: currently known as
Mina Estrada and CoCo Loupe

Mina 2 CoCo (round 2)

Right arm rolling out left foot forward back forward back moving pelvis circular counter clockwise three small hops fold at the waist release the knees skipping backward four times arms loose and wild find pause kicking out left heel left heel falling forward head looks right snap fingers left arms reach high shoulders dropping back striking the right knee bellybutton lead you through space find pause change facing fine pause collapse to floor everything become stiff building the pyramid one rock at a time to come back to standing Right ear leads you to folding through space soft fingers holding breast armpit breaths stomp it out small jumps side to side 10 times jiggle left elbow brush right calf with fist let top of head find the floor