Another CKA project became a thing yesterday.

CKA: voice recognition

CoCo sent a dance via text instruction while she was driving from Orlando to Pensacola. Mina brought the instructions to rehearsal and translated them into the dance shown here.

The series will go on and on until we understand how (our) voices turn into dances and vice versa.

CKA: currently known as
Mina Estrada and CoCo Loupe
featuring Rikki Willis and Alex Barbier

CoCo 2 Mina (round 1)

Right arm forward left leg circle around fold everything unfold right hip straighten spine unfold everything left elbow back walk right left right left head forward right hand to left shoulder jump side to side six times

feet wide apart both palms forward fingers down feet together fold everything unfold left shoulder eyes right shuffle the feet and travel back left angle the body however you like right knee twists and turns

left fingertips turn you halfway nose turns you another half bend at the waist unbend tail back toes face the side widen everything touch your shoulders touch your toes walk on hands and feet forward and back

Stand up sit down knuckles on the ground heels on the ground return to standing wave the spine lift the elbows release the elbows

look left