I can’t let this thing go. This dancing. More and more thoughts about returning to school for Occupational Therapy or something in the therapy field(s).

But as soon as I let my mind wander down that road, the idea of skype lessons, the outreach of that, the global opportunities, the ability to share widely and what what? 

I’ve had several ridiculously keen insights pointing toward this notion and also toward theoretical paragraphing but now that i’m in front of the keyboard….it’s all gone.

Something related to Joseph Campbell’s “following your bliss” mantra and the relationship that I set up in my mind at a very early age about the role that dance could not play in my life….as a way to be financially secure. That notion was put into my head very early on and i accepted it without argument. I simply said “OK…then I’ll do other things to make money but those things will always be in service to making/doing art.” just accepted it. I don’t even recall where I heard that. Maybe my parents hoping that I’d go into the medical field? Maybe people saying that I couldn’t possibly go to New York because it was too expensive and scary (in the 80s NYC was high on everyone’s danger list). Or whatever. But it stuck and it stuck hard and fast.

Now, of course, I know that it’s mostly true. But it’s not entirely true. Esp now that technology and global information is at a zenith trajectory. Even getting played completely out in some arenas. Who are the folks that want to have a dance experience that would never in a million years go to a studio or a concert hall to do or see? Where are they? Who are they? Are they willing to open their laptop, connect with me via online video/streaming and get into/back to their bodies? I’m intensely intrigued by this set of questions. What is the value I’m espousing? What is inherent in a movement/constructed dance experience that might be needed/wanted out there in the world?

What about dancing gives me joy, insight, growth, challenge, a sense of accomplishment, a knowing of myself and others, greater wisdom, a sense of play? What is it? What are the things to do to get to those areas of sensation and knowledge? Are they the techniques that I’ve studied, practiced and “mastered” over the past many years? Probably not. Maybe not. So what is the offering? The gift that I can give so that people will want to get into the “space” with me? I know the answers. The words are simple and self-evident. The telling of the story so that people want to read/do is another ….dammit…story.

So it looks like I’m starting to experiment with skype/dance/classes/privates/lessons/etc. I have no idea how this will go but I want to do this full-time. I want to be a catalyst, witness, facilitator of people’s discoveries/rediscoveries of their moving selves. And I hope that this can be the new industry of my life.